Development and enhancement of course offering


Update and enhance your educational curriculum, assisted by our exceptional expertise in this domain. Expand your roster with more advanced course offerings, to improve profitability and meet today’s new market demands.

topics covered


  • Review of school’s current operation, including current value proposition, market positioning, operational processes, and profitability
  • Expert evaluation of school’s current curriculum, identifying possible areas of improvement and expansion
  • Aid in determination and creation of new, advanced esthetic courses, particularly post-grad courses
  • Specific support in the development of advanced course curriculums
  • Specialized training for school’s teaching staff
  • Guidance in design of course’s operational structure and allocation of resources (manpower, equipment etc), to ensure both quality of instruction and operational efficiency


  • Update and enhance current course curriculum
  • Expand into more advanced and revenue-enhancing courses
  • Heighten student satisfaction levels
  • Improve students’ chances for success in the marketplace
  • Augment school’s knowledge base and capabilities
  • Maximize operational efficiency and improve profitability
  • Increase school’s prestige and reputation


Unparalleled Expertise and Commitment

Skin Care Consultants has exceptional expertise in assisting esthetic schools in evaluating and updating their course curriculum offering. We also support schools most critically in adding more advanced esthetic and post-grad courses to their course roster. Driven by our staunch dedication to the advancement of the profession of skin care, we have a passionate commitment to helping to increase the caliber of courses available everywhere to estheticians and skin care professionals today.

Need for New Skills and Increased Knowledge Base

As 21st century technologies in the esthetics industry continue to advance and proliferate, the need for esthetic educational institutions to fully and adequately prepare future and practicing skin care professionals to operate knowledgably and capably in this environment has also increased. Today’s informed students expect their own schools to meet this challenge. In addition, many established estheticians are also keen to continually advance their education and skill base, as well as stay abreast of new technologies.

Responding to Modern Demand

Recognizing this need, esthetic schools are upgrading their standard courses with more advanced theory and practice sections, as well as adding to their course educational roster more advanced aesthetic programs for practicing estheticians. In addition to meeting this growing market demand, advanced esthetic courses also offer esthetic institutions the added benefit of often being more financially lucrative than traditional basic esthetic courses.

Increased Course Value and Bottom Line

Skin Care Consultants focuses on assisting educational institutions on providing advanced, in-demand course offerings of the highest caliber that effectively prepare students to operate capably and confidently in the increasingly complex esthetic market today. Emphasis is also placed, however, on the establishment of a healthy structural foundation for the educational facility that promotes operational efficiency to meet the school’s measurable and targeted financial objectives. Please contact Skin Care Consultants to discuss how we can help advance your educational establishment to new levels of performance. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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