Health and wellness certification

Supporting nutritional and wellness education

Health and wellness certification

Easy-to-implement, multi-faceted certification program designed for your students, teachers, and institution. Meet an evolving market need for enhanced skills and knowledge, assisted by a ready-made, no-hassle support framework.

topics covered


  • For students, comprehensive nutritional course textbook, “Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution”, by Pat Lam
  • Expert evaluation of school’s current curriculum, identifying possible areas of improvement and expansion
  • Aid in determination and creation of new, advanced esthetic courses, particularly post-grad courses
  • Specific support in the development of advanced course curriculums
  • Specialized training for school’s teaching staff
  • Guidance in design of course’s operational structure and allocation of resources (manpower, equipment etc), to ensure both quality of instruction and operational efficiency


  • Enables esthetic schools to attract new prospective students by offering an innovative, in-demand stand-alone or supplemental course agenda that sets them apart in the marketplace
  • Enhances student learning of in-depth nutritional and wellness information, more effectively preparing them to service expanding and evolving clientele needs in relation to skin and body care
  • Simplifies and supports the work of the instructor, providing them with a critical support framework that improves student’s knowledge retention
  • Cost-effective augmentation to current school resources and expertise


A timely and valuable addition to your institution’s offering

The Health and Wellness program is a course of studies that can be offered by a professional esthetics school, culminating with an official Certification by the institution. Offering an easy-to-implement, ready-made program geared to the students, teachers, and institution involved, the Health and Wellness program enhances the learning and retention of the extensive range of nutritional and wellness information included in the course textbook “Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution”, by Pat Lam. Lauded by industry professionals, Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution provides the modern skin care professional with essential information regarding the subject of nutrition, in relation to contemporary client skin and body care, as well as an overview of the most recent findings and developments in the burgeoning, associated fields of anti-aging and holistic care. This comprehensive textbook is used by professional esthetics educational programs - including those of many Cidesco schools –worldwide. The new Health and Wellness certification program offers schools an invaluable tool to market and effectively teach this valuable knowledge.

An Easy-to-Implement, Multi-Faceted Support Program

The Health and Wellness program is a ready-made, multi-faceted program that supports the needs of all parties involved in the course implementation: the students, the instructors, and the educational institution itself. Each student works with the program’s Question Study Guide, designed to enhance student’s understanding of the course textbook “Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution”, chapter by chapter. The teachers are supplied with the Answer Study Guide, which is provided in the format of the Questions Study Guide with the all correct answers highlighted, so all the work has been done for the instructor. Finally, the school itself is provided with the MCQ Exam Manual (Multiple Choice Question Exam Manual). This manual comprises of a bank of over 450 questions, as well as Final Exam Questions Sheets.

An in-demand educational offering to support evolving market needs

In these turbulent economic times, professional esthetics schools are searching to offer new and relevant courses, in tune with changing market demands and trends. As educational awareness grows regarding the holistic links between skin care, nutrition, and general wellness, prospective students and skin care practitioners alike are also aware that they must continually upgrade their professional knowledge base and skills. The Health and Wellness certification program fills this timely market need, offering students an opportunity to gain in-depth health and wellness knowledge targeted to their profession, while supporting educational institutions’ effectiveness in the teaching and dissimulation of this knowledge.

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