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Join our Jubilee program and enjoy exclusive school discounts on equipment and educational resources. Augment and update your existing technology. Provide your students with essential training on the industry’s prevalent transformative technologies.

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    • Purchase of equipment , products, and educational resources at reduced rates
    • Educational products inclusive of textbooks and videos can be ordered at additional bulk purchase rates
    • (Qualifying members of the Jubilee program must be fully accredited educational establishments in good standing. Proof of state/provincial/regional licensure and school background information must be provided.*)


    • Enables the purchase of advanced equipment and highly specialized educational resources at reduced rates
    • Facilitates the instruction and dissemination of specialized educational subjects that expand and enrich students’ knowledge base
    • Assist institutions in imparting their students with advanced, in-demand technical skills through valuable, hands-on training utilizing current industry technologies and innovations
    • Cost-effective expansion and enrichment of current school resources and expertise
    • Allows educational institutions to offer competitive curriculums that remain relevant to industry developments


Advanced knowledge and technology at reduced rates

Our popular Jubilee program makes it easier than ever for schools in the skin care and health care fields to remain competitive and abreast of new developments in their industry. The special reduced-rate prices that are available to members of this program, enable educational institutions to purchase equipment and educational support resources that can make a discernable difference in the level of sophistication, breadth, and quality of an institution’s course offering.

Expanding a Critical Knowledge Base

Our educational products and support resources critically assist schools in imparting a solid and comprehensive knowledge base essential for operating effectively, competently, and competitively in today’s demanding industry. Our educational resources, inclusive of textbooks and videos, cover specialized topics ranging from nutrition as a science (incorporative of nutritional counseling for skin care counseling purposes), academic theory regarding the recognition and treatment of common minor skin conditions, as well as specialized massage techniques.

Advancing Practical and Technical Skills

Building on this acquired knowledge, advanced equipment purchases under our program enable schools to provide their students with valuable, hands-on experience and training on some of the latest technologies in their specialized field. This advanced technical training will give your students a marked advantage in the competitive marketplace by enabling them to charge more for their time and technical skills, as well as qualifying them for higher-paying positions.

Offering Greater Value leads to the Creation of More Value

In addition to their students, the educational institutions themselves also benefit enormously from participating in the Jubilee program. As a result of the program’s distinct enhancement to their course offering, participating schools gain greater prestige, set themselves apart from the competition, and are able to price their educational offering in the marketplace at a significantly higher premium.

Promoting the highest industry standards

Our Jubilee school purchasing program represents another important cornerstone in our dedication to advancing and promoting the highest standards in today’s steadily evolving skin care industry. We are proud of our demonstrated commitment to this goal and encourage qualifying educational institutions** to take advantage of this unique, cost-effective opportunity to expand and enhance their educational offering. To further inquire about purchasing equipment and education resources under the Jubilee program, please contact us below. We look forward to collaborating with your institution soon and contributing additional value to your current course offering! * Please note that our school programs are limited to advanced esthetic courses, in addition to permanent make-up and health care schools. (However, some extensive core esthetic programs in their last semesters may also qualify, based on individual course assessment.)

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