Supplementing education in modern skincare


Keep your students informed and educated on the latest developments in their professional field. Supplement your existing curriculum with our highly informative guest lecturers and educators. Expand minds and possibilities

topics covered


    • Complimentary provision of visiting educators and guest lecturers*
    • Interesting and informative lectures and workshops
    • Live demonstrations of the latest equipment technologies
    • Interactive Question & Answer segments


    • Supplements and enhances your current course curriculum
    • Provides students with an introduction and insight into some of the industry’s latest technologies and developments
    • Cost-effective augmentation to current school resources and expertise


Resources to enhance your course curriculum

Our school outreach program has been designed to act as a supplementary supporting adjunct to current advanced esthetic course curriculums.** Our visiting lecturers educate students on a revolving variety of topics related to modern skin care techniques, practices, and technologies, as well as current and future developments in this rapidly changing field. Lectures usually consist of 1hr to half-day sessions. Based on school consultation, they can also be selected or modified to best suit or complement on-going class studies.

Expansion of minds and possibilities

Schools benefit from this cost-effective enhancement to their course offering, while students benefit enormously from new insights and real-time demonstrations of prevailing industry technologies. This unique program assists educational institutions and their students to expand their preparatory knowledge base further. As the esthetic industry itself continues to evolve in complexity due to ever-emerging modern technologies and an increasingly informed and exigent customer base.

Promoting the highest industry standards

Our School Educational Outreach program represents a cornerstone in our dedication to advancing and promoting the highest standards in today’s skin care industry. We are proud of our demonstrated commitment to this goal and encourage qualifying institutions** to take advantage of this unique, cost-effective opportunity to expand and enhance their educational offering. To further inquire or schedule your classroom session, please contact us below. We look forward to collaborating with your institution and contributing additional value to your current course offering!

* Guest lectures and educators are provided on a one-time basis per course, at no charge. Travel costs may apply, though, based on location.

**Our school programs are limited to advanced esthetic courses. However, some extensive core esthetic programs in their last semesters may qualify, based on individual course assessment.

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