Simple and painless,
Delivering superior results


Breakthrough freezing technology for treating minor skin irregularities.   Fast and efficient, with extreme precision.

Compact, portable, and highly effective.


Effective Treatment Of:

  •   Hyperpigmentation
  •   Age Spots
  •   Sun Spots
  •   Keratoses
  •   Fibromas
  •   Warts
  •   Permanent make-up correction
  •   Skin Peeling
spider naevi treatment Hyperpigmentation
spider naevi treatment Age spots
spider naevi treatment Keratosis
spider naevi treatment Fibromas
spider naevi treatment Warts
spider naevi treatment Permanent make-up correction

Before / After

Effective Treatmentcryoskin Befor Before
Effective Treatmentcryoskin Afrer After


Rapid and Effective

Rapid and Effective

The Cryoskin uses freezing technology to rapidly and precisely treat a wide range of minor and superficial skin irregularities, non-invasively. Remarkably compact and portable in size, the Cryoskin uses small, disposable cartridges of nitrous oxide (N2O) to easily deliver quick, effective treatments with unsurpassed precision.

Skin irregularities treated with the Cryoskin include: age spots, hyperpigmentation, warts, keratoses, and fibromas.   The Cryoskin can also be used to peel areas of skin and remove small areas of pigment for permanent make-up corrections around the eyebrows or lips.

Due to the Cryoskin’s patented microapplicator technology, unsurpassed pinpoint precision, accurate to the millimeter, can be achieved.   Optimum results are evident 3-6 weeks post-treatment.
Lamprobe Treatment

Simple, Painless, and Precise

Simple, Painless, and Precise

The Cryoskin treatment is easy to apply and relatively painless.Two microapplicator/nozzle sizes ensure that treatments can be performed on large and small areas.

Due to the Cryoskin’s patented microapplicator technology, unsurpassed pinpoint precision, accurate to the millimeter, can be achieved. Optimum results are evident 3-6 weeks post-treatment.
Lamprobe Treatment

Revenue Generation/Marketing

Revenue Generation/Marketing

  • Cryoskin treatment price range: $30.00-$100.00, per irregularity
  • Wide range of applications, with minimal cost per treatment
  • High in-demand treatments, repeat customers, recurring revenues
Lamprobe Treatment

What our customers say

We love to hear from our loyal and enthusiastic customers!
  • "I enjoy using the Cryoskin, very easy to use and clients are happy with the results!"

    - M’Liss W of Body Care Technologies – Laguna Hills, CA

    "I love using my Cryoskin to treat a lot of skin conditions which I previously could not effectively treat. My customers love it too!"

    - Valerie H of Sun Capsule – Houston, TX
  • "The Cryoskin have been our best investment. Not only I have satisfied customers, but I have increased my business!"

    - Sophia Z of Forest Hill Institute – Toronto, ON

    "Truly Impressed and like the Cryoskin because it is a quick and efficient way of treating age spots, sun damage and other blemishes. It is easy to use and a great add on to Lamprobe treatment!"

    - Glenora F of Glenora facial and Body Care – Mt Prospect, IL
  • "The CryoSkin has been the perfect complement to my Lamprobe unit.     It eradicates flat brown spots, keratosis, warts and more. Having both in my skin care practice has diversified and upgraded my treatment offerings and has brought many new people to my business otherwise would not have searched out my services."

    - Penelope H of Skin Sync – Wakefield, MA

    "The best machines ever!

    I have the LAMPROBE and the Cryoskin and just love them and so do my clients!"

    - Anne B of Advanced Skin Care – Studio City, CA


Cryoskin Instrument



Starter Set of Supplies

  1 Cartridge



  2 Year Warranty


  Instruction Manual,

  Treatment Reference Guide,

  CD-Rom Video Preparatory Guide

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