Innovative integration of mind and
Body wellness techniques . (Video)

Anti-Aging Mind & Body Massage

Instructional video demonstrating a novel, unique full body massage for the deep relaxation of mind and body.  Innovative integration of techniques from various disciplines.

topics covered

Specific massage techniques from various disciplines including:

    • Shiatsu
    • Thai massage
    • Meridian therapy
    • Selected techniques from Pat Lam’s CIDESCO award-winning Stress Therapy massage


  • Stretching poses and breathing techniques from traditional yoga disciplines
  • Mini-workout sequence for both the client and therapist



    • Promotes total relaxation of mind and body
    • Revitalizes mind and body with renewed energy and mental alertness (as opposed to lethargic effect of traditional massage)
    • Releases tension and improves blood circulation
    • Alleviates backaches, tones muscles, and improves posture
    • Improves flexibility and mobility
    • Increases body awareness
    • Teaches client how to manage and control stress


Pioneering Massage Yielding Exceptional Results

Renowned educator Pat Lam presents her latest ground-breaking educational product: the Anti-Aging Mind & Body Massage (training DVD). The Anti-Aging Mind & Body Massage is a uniquely original full body massage technique, performed while the client is fully clothed, that utilizes massage and breathing techniques from various disciplines to promote deep relaxation of both mind and body.

In contrast to the normal lethargic effect of massage, however, the ultimate effect of the Anti-Aging Mind & Body Massage is a revitalization of the mind and body, leading to renewed energy and mental alertness.   Other benefits include improved overall flexibility and posture, increased blood circulation and muscle toning, as well as increased body awareness and personal empowerment regarding the management and control of individual stress.
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Innovative Combination of Celebrated Disciplines

The Anti-Aging Mind & Body Massage uniquely incorporates the most effective techniques from varied traditional disciplines including Shiatsu, Thai massage, Meridian therapy, as well as selected techniques from Pat Lam’s CIDESCO award-winning Stress Therapy massage.

Breathing techniques and stretching poses from yoga disciplines are also employed to achieve deep relaxation of the mind and body, while creating a de-facto mini-workout sequence for both the client and therapist.
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As spa menus today continue to add programs incorporating the integration of mind and body fitness, the Anti-Aging Mind & Body Massage is a uniquely interactive anti-aging stress massage that meets the growing need for a massage that incorporates true wellness techniques.

Anti-Aging Mind & Body Massage (Lam, Pat. DVD) Run Time: 60 min. Accompanying music CD: Natural Massage Therapy (Solitudes. DVD) Run Time: 56 min.
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