Hubert Lam Biography

Hubert Lam Biography

Hubert Lam

Hubert Lam, Founder and past Chief Executive Officer of Skin Care Consultants and the Lam School of Advanced Esthetics, was a noted leader in the skin care industry throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally. A doctor of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.), acupunturist, drugless practitioner (D.P.), medical esthetician, massage therapist, and aromatherapist, Hubert Lam led Skin Care Consultants' steady growth and evolution for over 30 years, from the company’s clinical origins to its prominent leadership role today in the skin care industry.

As a dedicated educator, pioneering inventor, and highly active and respected industry leader, Hubert Lam played a critical role in influencing and shaping, from its nascent origins, the evolution of the professional skin care industry of today.

A relentless innovator with a prescient ability to accurately predict future industry developments, Hubert Lam had a well-established reputation for consistently and successfully introducing and popularizing the latest, cutting-edge technologies in the esthetics and related fields. In addition to his creation of the renowned Lamprobe, these market introductions include, among many, such now-mainstream practices and technologies such as permanent makeup and microdermabrasion, for common conventional use by skin care professionals.

Committed to continuously promoting the highest standards in the skin care profession, Hubert Lam was a highly sought-after, in-demand speaker who lectured on skin care education and related technology developments internationally. As both an educator and industry leader, he was a driving force in the development and establishment of new professional standards in the field of esthetics.

For many years until his passing, Hubert Lam served as President of the Canadian Society of Professional Skin Care Specialists. Concurrently, he furthermore held the position of President of CIDESCO CANADA, the official Canadian division of CIDESCO International. For over 25 years, he was also the Principal of the internationally-acclaimed Lam School of Advanced Esthetics, which was the first and longest-standing CIDESCO accredited esthetics school in North America.

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean) and of Eurasian descent, Hubert Lam was a graduate of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, one of China’s oldest and most prestigious academic institutions for traditional Chinese Medicine. His medical internship was subsequently completed in China’s remote southeastern Xishuangbanna region (Yunnan province), where he spent 2 years providing critical medical care and education to the region’s local ethnic minority tribes. Thereafter, he continued to maintain a working proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.

Throughout his life, Hubert Lam shared an unusually close and dynamic partnership - in business and Life - with his beloved wife Pat. Today, Pat Lam continues on his legacy as the current President of Skin Care Consultants.

For his creativity, his notable professional contributions, the twinkle in his eye, and his Larger-than-life dynamic presence, Hubert Lam will continue to be greatly missed by his family, friends, and colleagues, as well by his many admirers and mentorees in the esthetics and skin care industry.