Nourish, revitalize,


No skin care treatment is complete without the application of ampoules!   Designed to precisely treat specific skin conditions.

Nourishing, revitalizing, effective.  For professional use only.

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Lam Skin Ampoules

100% Active Ingredients to Nourish and Regenerate

Lam Skin Ampoules are composed of 100% active ingredients, allowing them to effectively nourish and regenerate the skin with visible results.   The serums have a marked impact on treatment results.  

Lam Skin Ampoules are for the use of professional skin therapists only.   A correct analysis of the skin, as well as an appropriate selection of vial, is very important for optimal results.
High concentration of active ingredients

Essential Aspect of a Complete Skin Treatment

Standard facial treatments simply deep cleanse the surface of the skin. Skin ampoules are designed to precisely treat specific skin conditions (sun damage, acne, dry) following a facial treatment.

Ampoules are essential for a complete skin treatment, effectively nourishing and regenerating the skin for optimal treatment results.
High concentration of active ingredients


  • Visible and more sustained results, with minimal added cost
  • Increased client satisfaction, higher client retention
  • Enhanced services by providing complete skin care treatments
  • Some facilities may opt to charge a small premium ($30.00-$50.00) for a complete skin care treatment vs. a standard facial session
High concentration of active ingredients
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