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Our published articles a wide range of topics relating to professional skin care, wellness, nutrition, and healthy aging. Also included are varied company-related profiles. We invite you to enjoy a selection of these articles below.



“Syringoma..form when there is an overgrowth of cells within a sweat gland orsuderiferous duct. The duct becomes enlarged by and clogged withextra cells, forming a hard, round, raised bump.

They are benign, harmless and painless, but unsightly and uncomfortable,and normally affect people with diabetes, with a family history of Syringomas, or those living in very humid areas who sweat profusely and whose perspiration gets trapped under the cornified cells.Treatment includes Lamprobe and BCA (Bichloracetic acid).”


Aging Spots: Seborrheic Keratoses by Pat Lam

“..Liver spots, sun spots, lentigines, solar lentigines, macules. senile actinic keratosis, solar keratosis, sebhorreic keratosis. What do all these words mean exactly? Thy are all pigmented spots that appear in aging.

As beauty therapists, we should acquire a clearer knowledge of the varying terminology so we can explain what they mean to our clients especially if they are concerned about them. And if they want to get rid of them, what treatments are available? The following article will help to clarify these terms”


Probiotics: The Latest Buzzword in Nutrition by Pat Lam

“The pursuit of better health-particularly among the aging baby boomer population-has resulted in a growing awareness about the relationship between diet and well-being

”Probiotics” is currently a buzzword in nutrition and anti-aging that is being heavily promoted by the food industry. Their health benefits are under intensive research, but most people are unclear about what they are, as well as the benefits of ingesting and applying them…”


Cold Weather Nutrition and the Skin by Pat Lam

“It is important to understand how the cold days of winter cause your clients to change their lifestyles, both physically and psychologically.. Clients living in the North tend to suffer from more depression than those living closer to the equator..

Find out what you can do to help clients beat the winter blues and what skin care advice can be given to maintain clear, healthy skin “during the dark, winter months…”


A Prescription for Success – Part II by Pat Lam

“In Part I of this article, skin care professionals learned how to collect sufficient personal history information about the client.

Now, they should begin the most important part of the consultation, which consists of the skin examination. The prognosis of this in-depth examination will determine the treatment objective or goals and should be guided primarily by…”


A Prescription for Success – Part I by Pat Lam

“Because skin care is taking a turn toward the medical field, the need for a more thorough prescription sheet is evident.

As in most health care practices in which the patient is required to complete a lengthy form, skin care professionals need to acquire more in-depth information about their clients in order to maximize treatment results…”


What is True Anti-Aging by Pat Lam

“The word “anti-aging” has been abused and misused so much in the spa world that many people have lost confidence in spa menus that list anti-aging treatments.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this reaction is that many individuals who offer these services…”


Posture and Esthetic Professional by Pat Lam

“Good posture makes a person look young and strong, while poor posture causes an individual to appear old and frail.

Posture is vital to health and wellness, and the esthetician’s working stance is impacted significantly by it when working on clients…”


Book Review: “Nutrition: the Healthy Aging Solution” by P. Morganti, Editor-in-Chief

“Nutritional education is recognized as an essential component in all health care professions.

Thus, the major objective of this book is to implement the education about correct nutrition…Chapters 1-3 give an expanded overview of the science of nutrition…”


Educator Portraits – Pat Lam

“My Background: I left my job at York University and joined my husband, an Oriental Medical Practitioner in his busy practice 26 years ago when his patients started to ask him for help with their skins.

As the skin care practice flourished, we began to distribute European skin care products…”


Spa Nutrition by Pat Lam

“The entry of spas in the wellness arena has sparked a deeper interest in health services.

Many spas list their menus as health and wellness, offering a plethora of services such as “The Healthy Program” and “A Day of Beauty…”


Nutrition and Fitness in the Spa by Pat Lam

“As the emerging baby boomers enter the latter part of their lives, there is a greater awareness of preventative health care.

There’s a health information explosion; it’s one of the most researched topics on the Internet. With the interest in optimizing good health and longevity, people are concerned not only in extending their life expectancy, but also…”


Sweet-Talk, the Glycemic Index and Wellness by Pat Lam

“The term “glycemic index” has been cropping up regularly in health news in recent years. What is it and how does it impact our health? How does it affect us as skin and body care professionals?

During my book research on nutrition topics for the skin care professional, I found that there was a need and interest in learning more about the glycemic index…”


The Esthetician’s Role in Weight Management by Pat Lam

“..Today’s society is actively seeking wellness and preventative care…why [then] is there an obesity epidemic..?

If we are treating our clients with “wellness”, how can we keep them “well” if they are overweight and obese? Can these body therapies actually improve the health of our clients or are they just fluff? Can the esthetician intervene in this area of treatment and help promote weight management?


Nutrition in the Day Spa by Pat Lam

“..The primary services offered in the day spa are helping to develop clear healthy skin, nails, and hair and promote relaxation… Proper nutrition, enhanced with dietary supplementation, has finally been established as the underlying principle for a healthy mind and body…

The new buzzwords in the nutritional media include nutraceuticals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and functional foods..”


Defining Healthy Aging by Pat Lam

“So you want to get into the business of healthy aging? You need to have a solid knowledge base to become involved in this exciting aspect of wellness.

Do you really know about this market? Is healthy aging a myth or reality? What knowledge and skills are required?…”


THE ANTI-AGING PROGRAM by Pat Lam and Dr. Maria Sulindro

“…Clients expect estheticians to have knowledge of health and wellness…We can help ourselves, our family, friends, and clients look and feel good, and ultimately live longer, healthier, more active and productive lives than our predecessors.

Anti-aging experts are predicting that human life will be extended to 120 years.. in the next 30 years. If you want to be included in this group, maximize your knowledge of anti-aging techniques..”


The Business of Anti-Aging by Pat Lam

“Moving into the 21st century, dramatic shifts in demographics are occurring and reshaping the structure of society. Distribution trends are creating viable opportunities for businesses well positioned to meet the changing needs of the consumer market…

What do baby boomers want? What are their needs? How can estheticians help them? In exploring the possibilities, esthetic professionals will find that they can benefit from providing for baby boomers’ needs… ”


Eating for Total Well-Being by Pat Lam

“As estheticians become more involved in the “wellness” industry, more people are turning toward them not only for improving skin conditions, but also as a source of nutritional advice.

The following article offers some nutritional advice with regard to skin for women when they experience hormonal troubles at the different stages of their lives..”


Microdermabrasion: A New Science in Skin Care by Hubert Lam

“The Microdermabrasion system is an innovative approach for a peeling technique. By performing a progressive and controlled exfoliation of the skin, it helps to improve or correct the skin abnormalities that originate in the epidermis and the most superficial layers of the dermis..

The success of Microdermabrasion can bring an unsurpassed income that will maximize the profitability and growth of the skin care industry, not to mention boost the credibility of the aesthetic profession as a whole… “

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